Point2Point Solutions, Inc. is a premier Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems consulting company. We concentrate our efforts on providing a complete package of professional services, product solutions, customized training, and outsourcing services.

Whether it is an implementation or consulting project, experience has no compromise. Our core founders have over 30 years experience implementing and customizing CRM systems for companies from the Fortune 500 to start-ups. Although the requirements may be different from project to project, the outcome is always the same, a successful project.

We realize experience alone does not guarantee success. To complement our experience, we have developed a 5 Point Implementation Process and maintain a broad library of best practices. When you couple this infrastructure with the dedication and determination of our employees, you can understand why Point2Point is your best insurance for project success.

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Interested in simplifying the management of your Clarify System? Check out our ptAdmin tool, or request our free version ptAdmin Lite