Customer Relationship Management System for Verisign and Affiliates

Verisign has implemented the Clarify application suite to provide an integrated and consistent view of their customer information throughout their Sales, Marketing, Engineering, and Customer Service groups.  As a standalone application, Clarify is exceptional at allowing these departments to share the same information from one central database through individual applications that suit each department's specific needs.  However, because of the Verisign business model, customizations were needed to streamline processes and provide added functionality.   

Verisign approached Point2Point Solutions to develop an efficient workflow process and provide the engineering expertise to build the necessary solutions.  Point2Point applied the following solutions to help streamline Verisign's Sales Force Automation workflow: bulk email, enhanced opportunity views, opportunity router, and salesclerk.

Along with the aforementioned functional enhancements, various customizations have also been added upon the Sales team's request.  Many of these modifications focused on making their day to day workflow more efficient and productive.

Future Benefits

Ongoing benefits to the affiliates will include predictable upgrade costs and the ability to exchange information easily between Verisign and the other affiliates.